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14 Jan 2018

Bloody Mary Brunch

Price: £25

Sunday mornings can be quite tough. Maybe you’re not feeling so fresh from the night before or maybe you can already feel the Monday looming up on you. Lucky for you, our Grey Goose Bloody Mary Brunch is just the distraction you need.

Every Sunday throughout January and February, indulge in a special brunch, including one of the scrumptious brunch dishes, a dessert, tea or coffee and a spicy Grey Goose Bloody Mary for just £25.

Choose from tasty wonders such as eggs Benedicts, smashed avocado with chorizo or French toasted with smoked pancetta and maple syrup. Paired with a dessert, tea or coffee and a Bloody Mary of your choice and we promise Sundays will become a day of celebration.



Available in the Forth Floor Brasserie


For more information or to make a reservation:

Call +44 131 524 8350

Location: Harvey Nichols Forth Floor, 30-34 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2AD
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