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28 Mar 2018

Sensory Dinner

Time: 19:00
Price: Five courses for £40 per person

Ignite your senses at an evening dedicated to discovering the art of scent. Established in 1760, Creed remains one of the most celebrated fragrance houses of all time, creating iconic fragrances for many of history’s most notable figures. This exclusive event will marry the notes from five of the brand’s most famous scents with delicious courses to create a unique dining experience that plays to all five senses. Upon arrival guests will be served a glass of fizz before being guided through a unique ‘sensory experience’, profiling the complexities of Creed scents and encouraging the connection between scent and taste. Questions are welcomed as each course and fragrance is introduced by the House expert, there will also be a special Q&A stage with the Creed ambassador at the end.




Wednesday 28 March 7pm, Forth Floor Restaurant Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh


Five courses for £40 per person




For more information or to make a reservation: Visit the Forth Floor Reception Call +44 131 524 8350 Email

Location: Forth Floor Restaurant Harvey Nichols, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh
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